Interior design trends for your high class home

Interior Design by Edmont Joinery

1. Sustainable swaps

Replace the plastic with vegan leather mats, reusable water bottles, reusable straws, compact storage containers, glass travel cups, mason jars and reusable bags for grocery shopping.

2. Beige is back

Beige has made a comeback and this neutral tone is the perfect choice for a home. Instantly warm and accommodating, it is simple and plain without being clinical. Beige complements other soft colours such as white or even black to complete the design of your chosen room.

3. Scandi Simplicity

Scandinavian design is revolutionary and never goes out of style. The simplicity and minimalistic look is the ideal choice for a high-class home. With white and grey dominating the space, plants, lamps and rich oak furniture complete the setting.

4. Bespoke furniture

Our specialist joinery can adapt to whichever style you wish to decorate a room with. The biggest advantage of our bespoke furniture range is the use of high-technology and customised service fitted to your needs.

5. Florals and plants

Perhaps one of the most popular trends, florals are a go-to when designing a room. Without crowding a room with design pieces, plants bring life to space and provide a modern aesthetic. From lush tropical foliage to a small collection of cacti, plants can liven up the room.

6. Mediterranean Marvels

The Mediterranean look is an instant success as it gives you that perfect laid-back space. The classic pop of colour amidst fresh white walls is traditional yet contemporary. Blue and green are popular choices to give that contrast to resemble a Greek village. Large cushions and rugged glass vases with flowers create a delicate but beautiful Mediterranean interior.

Edmont Joinery excels at crafting sophisticated items by hand. Ranging from windows to grand staircases, there are several designs to choose from. Whether it is creating the perfect mantelpiece in a historic mansion, or a smooth white finish in a contemporary home, we cater to all kinds of design for your high-class home.


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